When troubles arise, an ordinary person might walk away from it and ask for help, but a leader faces the problem squarely to seek out a solution. Acorn believes that there is no quick answer to creativity, but there is a need to create safe spaces and open platforms that encourage creativity. Through the process of allowing the students discover themselves, we give them handles to not only find solutions but mature in their responses to problems as well.

Leading a Team

Where teamwork is commonplace and attainable, team comradeship is a struggle. Comradeship entails sticking together through thick and thin, where one must be willing to sacrifice time and effort for unity of the whole. Working with members of mixed personalities is inevitable, leaders learn how to not only understand but also handle these differences. Building unity through challenging activities and shared experiences is what we hope to achieve.

Leading through Communication

In order to get your message across to a class or having clarity during a presentation, one needs to develop confidence in Public Speaking. Students are engaged in activities where they have to act, mouth and describe, challenging multiple facets of verbal and non-verbal communication. At Acorn we believe that every child can be a capable Public Communicator with the right tools and practices.


Student Leadership Challenge

With creativity and innovation becoming an integral part of education, we here at Acorn have included different leadership models into our programmes, including the Student Leadership Challenge model. 

Aligning itself with our delivery methods as it is activity-centric. Promoting independent learning through the hands-on focus of conducting ground research as well as making prototypes. A holistic problem solving tool that not only encourages but also empowers students to take their ideas off the paper into the real world.

Live to Lead