About Reiss Motivation Profile

Like a finger print, each of us has a unique motivation profile. The Reiss Motivation Profile ® is a concrete, scientifically validated tool to measure each individual’s motivation. When you know your basic desires, values and motivation, it is gets you to your goals faster and more sustainably.

What are the 16 basic desires that form up every human being’s motivation

  • Power
  • Independence
  • Curiosity
  • Acceptance
  • Order
  • Saving
  • Honor
  • Idealism
  • Social Contact
  • Family
  • Status
  • Vengeance
  • Romance
  • Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Tranquility

Outcomes of REISS Motivation Profiling Workshop

Discover the 10 intrinsic motivators in a child

Learn how to motivate your child beyond the use of reward or threats

Learn how to get your child into action without straining your relationship

Learn how to make better decisions for your child that is aligned to his motivation

Reiss Motivation

The challenge is to discover what drives your child? What energizes him? What does she value? Successful parents and impactful teachers are more often than not, simply the ones who have discovered the right motivators.

Study Bootcamps

Each of us has a preferred style of learning and retaining information. Learning styles group the different ways that we learn. By being aware of your preferred learning style, you can use these strategies to study, revise and recall information.

Speaking with Confidence

Conquer fears and anxieties on stage and boost your confidence in speaking! Learn strategies to speak communicate your message or ideas in a clear, compelling and persuasive way.

Personal Positioning

Stand out among the crowd!
Everyone is grabbing for our attention. The world is noisy. The greatest challenge in the midst of a noisy world today is to grab attention & sustain it.