An interview with our student

Meet Ganesh.
Ganesh attended the Motivational programme 2 years ago when he was 15. Before attending the programme, he was struggling with weight management and studies. He had low self-esteem and often dwelled in self-discrimination, fearing how society would look at him.

Here is an except to an interview with Ganesh after attending the Motivational programme when he was in Sec 3.


My Story

Before the programme, I was struggling with weight management and studies. I also had low self-esteem, because I was overweight. I was embarrassed, as I would take up two seats in the bus. I avoided sitting in the MRT, as I felt that people would judge me for my size. Some of my friends would even joke about me being similar to a hippopotamus. They even laughed at me when I was at the gym.

My Wake up Call – Motivational Programme

During the programme I was told to think about my future. I thought further and pinned my dreams on the vision boards which my trainers gave us. But when my trainer told me to share my dreams, I stumbled. I did not want to tell everyone, as I thought I would make myself a joke. But no, he encouraged me and I did it. After I finished, they were speechless. I was even awarded as the “Most Inspiring Student”. This brought my hidden confidence out and made me realise I was often judging myself because of what others had said.


My Changed Life and Aspirations

The difference now is that this former 120 kg guy, is now 77 kg. I, who was once a joke to others, is now an inspiration to some of my friends. And my studies went really well along with it. I am following the steps to achieve my goal. In the past, I kept changing my mind about my future. Now, I am able to better plan out my future and to try to gain success through hard work. Most of all, it is my physical fitness which has changed the most. Now I’m stepping into the fitness industry and I will make the best out of it.

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