Elmer Lau
Training Director

What led Elmer to Acorn is the passion for moulding the lives of young people. He graduated from the National University of Singapore. During his school days, he has been a leader at various levels, as a prefect, as the head of his CCA, as a class chairman, as a sports player representing his school. He has also been a youth leader in grassroots organizations, leading outreach efforts to youths from various backgrounds. He is able to communicate and bond effectively with them, inspiriting them with mastery and vivacity. He enjoys developing people and is a certified coach in behavioral analysis and leadership training. His love for sports and people is a fusion for his passion to lead students into learning through activities and the outdoors. He has been an invited speaker at various leadership seminars such as the Youth Leaders’ Summit and has held various assembly talks, workshops and camps for primary and secondary schools.

Chean Xin Ying
Training Manger

A Biomedical Science graduate from Nanyang Technological University, Xin Ying has been working with youths for many years. For the past decade, Xin Ying has been heavily involved in youth work, organising youth camps and events, as well as leading youth overseas trips. She is also involved in youth counselling and coaching. A drama enthusiast, Xin Ying has been organising youth drama performances, conducting drama workshops and directing drama shows. Her strong theatrical background makes her an excellent communicator, and an engaging public speaker.

Jeremiah Du
Training Manager

Jeremiah is an experienced and outstanding leader who graduated from Temasek Polytechnic, Diploma with Merit in Tourism and Hospitality (Business). He was President for PACEsetters (Temasek Polytechnic’s Student Ambassador) and had hosted President SR Nathan, various other ministers and ambassadors. Jeremiah was nominated to be the valedictorian in Temasek Polytechnic. His has planned events for Sentosa Leisure Group to drive night traffic to Sentosa and nation-wide charity carnivals. Jeremiah’s personal experience, zeal for nurturing people and strive for excellence has been his motivation to develop and impart knowledge to the next generation. At Acorn, Jeremiah is responsible for designing and planning the training curriculum.

Amanda Koh
Training Consultant

Amanda has had a rising career in the finance industry for 7 years in training operations and finance before graduating from SIM with a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Psychology and Sociology. Her deep passion in next-generation education has called her away from the corporate world into a new career as trainer for the youths. Amanda understands the importance of nurturing leadership within the youths and seeks to inspire each individual in her class to achieve their potential.

Marcus Choy
Training Consultant

Marcus first developed his passion in next-generation education as a choral conductor; a profession which he honed for 7 years. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore. Through his schooling days, Marcus developed as a leader, be it among his peers or in his CCA; most notably, he led both his secondary school and junior college choirs to the prestigious Gold with Honours award in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competitions as a student conductor. He went on to develop his craft to guide several school choirs to national and international recognition. His focus in life is to impact the people around him positively, especially the young. He is adept in music production and composition, and he hopes to develop on the medium of music to advocate learning of life skills. This passion is what brought Marcus to Acorn; the privilege to play a part in crafting a beautiful child’s life.

Our Partners

Acorn partners IDS Publishing Corporation, the global publisher of the Reiss Motivation Profile™. The Reiss Motivation Profile™ (RMP) is a scientifically valid, standardized assessment of what motivates any person. This tool available only to trained life coaches, called Reiss Profile Masters, and other qualified counselors.