Value: Growth

From its humble inception in 2003, Acorn has been committed to uncover the leadership potential in every young person and to develop such potential to its full. Over the past decade, we have established ourselves as forerunners in this industry of character building and student development. We continue to be dedicated to nurturing the seed of talent and creativity in each youth so that they may blossom to become a tree of abundant life and of excellent leadership.

The focus of Acorn Training Pte Ltd is

Activity-Based Lessons

Quality programmes through experiential-learning.

Comprehensive Leadership Development

Holistic development through progressive training.

Others-Oriented Attitude

Servant leaders who value others as themselves.

Relevant Application Point

Applications based on leadership portfolios.

Nurturing Students Potential

Mentoring via post-training follow-up sessions.

Acorn compromises a team of trainers and facilitators who:

  • … are DEDICATED to youth work
  • DEMONSTRATE a rapport with youth
  • … have a strong DESIRE to train up youth leaders
  • DISPLAY a strong influence on character development
  • … exert a strong DIRECTION towards positive change and growth.

Our Certifications